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Due to the inadequacy of the storage facilities in the fuel tanks at Kolonnawa, Sapugaskanda and Muthutajawela tank farms the government is considering setting up new storage tanks.

Hence, more prominence is being given to increasing the number of tanks at the existing tank farms in Kolonnawa and Muthurajawela, Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) chairman Sirisena Amarasekera told

“The ships bringing in fuel have to be berthed at the Colombo port due to the inadequate number of storage tanks. We have to pay demurrage charges due to this,” said Amarasekera.

The increase in the number of fuel storage tanks would enable the reduction of demurrage charges.

There are still no pipelines to supply fuel from Muthurajawela to Kolonnawa and it is being transported in bowsers now. So there are plans to connect these tank farms through pipelines.
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