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 Woman found with throat slit, husband missing

A beautiful woman was found with her throat slit, in her sleep, at her residence at St. Sebastian Lane, Mabola, Wattala yesterday morning. Her second husband, with whom she was living, had gone missing.

The victim, Sriyani Ranaweera (44), had married her second husband about one and a half years ago after divorcing her first husband. She had three children from her first marriage and one of her sons had died in an accident two months ago. Her mother, elder daughter and the youngest son had been living with the couple.

On Monday night, Sriyani had gone to bed with her husband but he was found missing when the family found her body on the bed with a big neck wound the following morning.
Scene of Crime Officers visited the scene along with fingerprint experts and began investigations.
Wattala Magistrate Manjula Ratnayake, who visited the scene, carried out the magisterial inquiry and ordered a post-mortem.
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