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The United National Party (UNP) has done a lot to the country. That is an accepted fact. There were many party seniors who had sacrificed their time, wealth and even lives for the party. But does the current position the UNP is in, do justice to them, asked Parliamentarian Upeksha Swarnamali.
Upeksha Swarnamali, popularly know as ‘Paba’ and who topped the preference vote list in the Gmapaha district for the UNP convened a media briefing this afternoon to explain her position.
Ms. Swarnamali said that a section of the media had begun a mud slinging campaign against her following her recent decision to support the government. They had stated that her husband had forced her under threat of assault, to support the government’s 18th Amendment to the Constitution.
“That is totally false. I believed that it was a good move for the sake of the country. Even if our leader Ranil Wickremesinghe had been in that position, he too would have done a similar thing,” she added.
Another falsehood spread through the media was to the effect that she had gone to the USA with the Presidential delegation. “That is another diabolical lie like those claiming that I had crossed over for perks and positions from the government”, reiterated Ms. Swarnamali.
She also added that she did not bother about these allegations by certain media. However, when certain sections of the responsible media too had followed suit, she decided to invite the media to explain her position, said the Gampaha District Parliamentarian.
“I wanted to invite the media after I have completed at least some of the work I had planned. But since the mud slinging was becoming severe, I decided to speak to you and explain my position. Please refrain from baseless accusations and safeguard the media’s reputation.
“I could have resorted to legal action as I have ample evidence. I am participating in a reality show and also am involved in several programmes on behalf of the people. So I cannot waste my time and resources. Character assassination is a grave crime. So I request the media to act responsibly,” Ms. Swarnamali urged.
In answer to a question, Ms. Swarnamali said she did not want to cling to politics for a long period. Without spending the six years criticizing each and every move by the government like the other opposition members, she had decided to cooperate with it and serve the people she said

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