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Udari Kaushalya Beauty Pics
A young announcer of a FM channel has reportedly attempted to flirt with the popular singer Nirosha Virajini.

According to Nirosha he has attempted to start a conversation with her flirtatiously questioning “why did you change your number ... why did not you even call me".

However, it is said the announcer has thus spoken to Nirosha due to a trickery, where someone else has pretended to be Nirosha.

The trickery has been done by a young man who has perfectly imitated Nirosha's voice.

It has been revealed that the person who pretended to be Nirosha has used his flirtatious voice to deceive a middle aged Secretary of Northwestern province and provided jobs to several people through him.

After Nirosha lodged a complaint with the Police against the particular individual he has told the Police officers that he is as talented as Nirosha in singing and that Nirosha is obstructing his path.

It is said the particular individual is a resident of Kurunegala.
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