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Kottawa Southern Expressway terminal work begins in Dec.

Construction of the terminal at the Kottawa end of Colombo-Galle Southern Expressway would commence in December, Ports and Highway, Deputy Minister, Nirmala Kothalawala said.

The Kottawa terminal will comprise five entry and eight exit points. The terminal also connects the Southern Expressway to the Colombo Outer Circle Expressway which is under construction.

The Southern Expressway will be connected to other expressways, such as the Colombo-Kandy and Colombo-Katunayake Airport via the Colombo Outer Circle Expressway.

Kothalawala said that the Transport Ministry had called for bids to widen the roads at the junctions between Kottawa and Colombo to minimize traffic congestion.

According to the Minister, on a normal day over 8,000 vehicles and during the weekend over 10,000 vehicles travelled on the Southern Expressway.

Meanwhile, the government said two expressways - Colombo-Katunayake Airport Expressway and the Outer circular road from Kottawa to Katunayake via Kaduwela, which connects the Southern Expressway with Katunayake Expressway, would be open to the public next year.

The Southern Expressway would be extended up to Matara, under its second stage, next year, the minister said.
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