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A 14-year-old girl has died when two possessed soothsayers had entered a knife into her throat.

 The incident occurred at Kadirapura in Dehiattakandiya in the early hours of this morning (Nov. 28).

Police said two other girls, aged 19 and seven years, were beaten up and burnt by the same soothsayers, who are a married couple.

The couple has been arrested, while the injured girls have been admitted to hospital.
6 dead as three wheeler collides with train

Six people were killed when a three wheeler collided with a train at Kirimetiyana level crossing at Ambanpola in Mahawa.

All the dead were occupants of the three wheeler, reports said.

They include four members of the same family – 38 year old Udaya Asiri Wijekoon, his wife I.B.M. Thamara Rohini, daughter Upeksha and son Nisal.

Another person injured in the incident around 9.10 am, has been admitted to Kurunegala Hospital.

The train had been on its way from Colombo to Omanthai when the collision with the three wheeler occurred.
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