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Diamond swallowing Chinaman gets suspended sentence

Ordered to pay complainant Rs, 100,000

 The Chinese national, who gulped down a fake diamond, was ordered to pay the complainant Rs. 100,000 and handed a two-year prison sentence, suspended for five years, by the Colombo Chief Magistrate Rashmi Singappuli yesterday.

Police said that the convict would be released after he paid the complainant the amount ordered by the Court but if he failed to comply, he would be jailed for one year.

However, according to the police, his accomplice, another Chinese who smuggled out the diamond, valued at Rs. 1.8 million, was still absconding.

The Cinnamon Garden’s police, who are conducting investigations, said that the other Chinese national would be nabbed as he had not left the country according to their surveillance. But they were checking whether he had left the country on someone else’s passport.

The incident took place in a stall at the 22nd International Gem and Jewellery exhibition held at the BMICH on September 5.

Meanwhile, in another incident in Colpetty, another Chinese had gulped a gold ring at a leading jewellery store recently. He too is supposed to have arrived in the country with another three to four Chinese accomplices.

Police sources said that those involved in the gold ring gulping incident had managed to leave the country, according to Immigration and Emigration records.
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