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Prison riot death toll rises to 27
The number of people killed following the country’s worst prison riot in nearly three decades rose to 27, a prison official said on Saturday.

The bodies of another eleven persons, killed during clashes, have been discovered following a search within the prison premises, M.S. Sathish Kumar Senior Consultant, Ministry of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms told Ada Derana.

He further stated that out of 82 firearms stolen by inmates during the unrest on Friday, 76 have been recovered. Authorities are conducting operations to locate the 6 weapons which are still unaccounted for.

Six prison escapees have been arrested so far while several more are to be apprehended, Sathish Kumar said.

He further added that the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Army and other authorities are conducting separate investigations into the incident and that a detailed report is to be issued on Monday (10).

Heavily armed troops moved overnight into the maximum security Welikada prison to restore order after hours of gunbattle between inmates and police commandos.

The situation has presently brought under control, following intense gunbattles between rioting inmates and police Special Task Force (STF) commandos who carried out a search Friday for drugs and smuggled mobile phones.

Colombo National Hospital Director Anil Jasinghe earlier said sixteen people have been killed and another 43 are being treated by this morning.
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