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President Mahinda Rajapaksa made the first ever visit by a Head of State to Delft Island yesterday.

The President who was accorded a rousing welcome on the occasion opened several development projects and vested them in the public.

The government has taken measures to upgrade the standard of the Northern Province, including the islands of the Jaffna Peninsula, in parallel to the massive development activities taking place throughout the country. Accordingly, the President opened the Delft Island Divisional Secretariat office .

The President also opened a Mahindodaya Technical Laboratory at Delft Maha Vidyalaya. Delft Island,which covers an area of 40 square kilometres is the largest island in the country. It consists of 1,346 families with 14 villages and six GS divisions.

The President first opened the Divisional Secretariat office, which has been constructed at a cost of Rs 78 million, and then commissioned a mega scale electrification project which fulfills 99 percent of electricity requirement of Delft Island. Five hundred and fifty of the 1,300 households on Delft Island have electricity at present. With the commissioning of the new electrification project, the other 750 houses will be supplied electricity.

The government has invested Rs 47 million in this electrification project.

After opening the Mahindodaya Technical Laboratory, President Rajapaksa went on an observation tour of Delft Maha Vidyalaya and advised education officers to provide more opportunities for students in the technological fields which is a requirement in the modern world. Besides, the President opened three Mahindodaya Technical Laboratories at St. Anthony's Vidyalaya, Kayts, Dr. Thiyagaraja Central College, Karainagar and Wadukkodei Hindu Vidyalaya. The President also opened the Venani Divisional Secretariat office yesterday.
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