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***   Paul the Octopus World Cup 2010 Final Predictions – Would you believe it if someone told you that they know of an octopus that could predict the winner of the World Cup? Most probably wouldn’t believe it. However, an octopus named Paul from a German aquarium has been accurately predicted Germany’s matches throughout the World Cup. The octopus had picked Germany to win all of the games they won, and also correctly predicted their loses to Serbia and Spain in the semi-finals.
The octopus picks results when two boxes with food on top of them are lowered into his tank. The clear boxes contain a flag from the two competing teams, and food is placed on top of each box. The box that the octopus moves toward first is declared his choice, as so far all of the choices that he has made have been right.
Some German fans have joked about cooking and eating the octopus, since he predicted their eventual loss to Spain. While the threats have been mostly jokes, a few of the fans appear to be serious. Recently, the Spanish Prime Minister joked about sending a team of bodyguards to protect Paul the Octopus after he predicted their World Cup victory

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