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Upeksha shows true colours in ‘filth’

Nov 16,2010

      Gampaha District Member of Parliament Upeksha Swarnamali popularly known as ‘Paba’ yesterday night threatened the News Director of TV Derana, Shehan Baranage scolding him in filth after the channel repeat telecasted the much talked about political show ‘360°’where she was interview by Dilka Samanmali.

          Following the telecasting of the 360° political program yesterday, in which the popular interview with Upeksha Swarnamali was rerun, the MP in a phone call at around 11.31pm yesterday (15 November) had yelled at the News Director in filth and had even threatened him. 

              Swarnamali had questioned Mr. Baranage as to why the episode was telecasted again and under whose authority it was being done. She had demanded that the program be stopped immediately and when refused by the News Director had proceeded to threaten him.

     Further threats had been made by the Parliamentarian later on in several other phone calls and text messages to Shehan Baranage

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