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LTTE ship enters Canadian waters

August 12, 2010 Local News

The ship carrying suspected LTTE cadres has entered Canada’s 200-mile exclusive economic zone. It is believed that there are 200 LTTE cadres amongst the 500 refugees in the ship.

The MV Sun Sea vessel carrying the Thai flag was sailing towards Canadian British Columbia. The Canadian and US authorities remained on alert after the vessel was spotted. The vessel is reported as now being escorted by the Canadian Navy to the British Columbia coast. The security officials have said that the vessel will be brought to the shore tonight or tomorrow morning. The Canadian Navy and the Coast Guard have not confirmed whether there are lifeboats in the vessel. US Coast Guard Commander Mark McCadden said that the 188-ft cargo ship had been spotted approximately 300 miles off the coast of British Columbia early last morning.

Meanwhile international media said that two other ships are also sailing towards Canada. The reports said that the Canadian government’s response towards this vessel will determine the course of these ships.Video

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