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Kanchana Mendis Life Story
Helicopters dispatched to douse Hasalaka forest fire
Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) has dispatched two Bell 212 helicopters from Hingurakgoda Air Force Base and is preparing to dispatch another Mi 17 helicopter to assist the Disaster Management Center (DMC) in combating a forest fire in the hill area of Balungala, approximately 6 km south of Hasalaka.
 PM says Duminda Silva met him
The Prime Minister D. M Jayaratne said , when he was ill and receiving in- house medical treatment at Mount Elizabeth Hospital Singapore , Duminda Silva M P who was being treated in that Hospital came to meet him. The PM had stated this when he went to meet the President for a friendly chat after he returned from Singapore following treatment.

‘I did not have a serious illness. I had a small ear problem. Doctors examined me. I did not take serious notice of that. An infection had spread into it. Now I am recovering. I cannot stay in Singapore for long. I was always reminded of my people in SL. I obtained permission from the Doctors and returned to SL quickly. Duminda is also in that Hospital, He told me the medical treatment is not over yet’, the PM had told the President.

In any event , some weeks ago the ,media reported that another serious operation was to be performed on Duminda Silva towards the end of last month.
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