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 Buy cricket match tickets on your Mobitel phone

For the first time in Sri Lanka, Mobitel gives you the opportunity to purchase tickets for cricket matches via your Mobitel phone. This special service, offered via the National Mobile Service Provider’s mTicketing platform, is available by simply dialing 365 from any Mobitel connection.

‘Cricket Ticket’ comes at a most apt time, where tickets for cricket matches are some of the most difficult tickets to purchase, leading to long queues and wasted time. This exclusive partnership between Mobitel and Sri Lanka Cricket breaks new boundaries in the industry.

Isuru Dissanayake, General Manager - Product Marketing, Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel said, "Mobitel is rooted in the pursuit of national interest and towards this end has partnered many national bodies for a good cause. This partnership with Sri Lanka Cricket will hopefully help many more people to attend cricket matches with ease. Our mTicketing platform which already serves easy access to train tickets and cinema tickets will now make the purchase of tickets for cricket matches as convenient as making a simple phone call. This unique mTicketing service is available right throughout the year - whenever there are cricket matches hosted by SLC. Bookings will be updated on a real time basis. Upon dialling 365 and reserving one’s match ticket, the total ticketing charge will be added to the customer’s Mobitel bill or deducted from their account in case of a prepaid user."

Mobitel is committed to encouraging and developing sports in Sri Lanka at the national level. As the most popular sport in the country, cricket transcends the whole society and the nation, which reflects the Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel way of connecting Sri Lanka. Mobitel’s mTicketing System is just one of many avenues with which Sri Lanka Cricket has partnered with the National Mobile Service provider. In 2009, Mobitel signed on as Exclusive Sponsor of the National Cricket team, and has gone from strength to strength from that point on. From up-to-the-minute SMS cricket updates to live streaming of cricket matches on Mobitel TV - Mobitel has been an integral part of the Sri Lanka Cricket journey.
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