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   Home      Highway built around house in China whose owners refused to move
  Construction workers in the country's Zhejiang province were forced to work around the stubborn family as they built the road to a new train station.

Resident Zhang Ling and his wife refused to sign an agreement to move out of the property, along with another couple, to make way for the four-lane highway.

They argued the compensation package they were offered was not enough to cover their rebuilding costs and so instead decided on a life in the fast lane.
Mr Zhang explained: 'They didn't offer us enough compensation to leave so we're staying.

'It could be a good opportunity for us,' he told the Mirror. 'We could open up a drive through shop on the ground floor.'

The house is the only property remaining on the stretch of road built that will soon have thousands of cars whizzing past everyday.

Difficult to move homes have been labelled 'nail houses' in China, following a series of disputes across the country.

One of China's most famous 'nail houses' has been given its own enclosed courtyard in the middle of a newly-built shopping centre.
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