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Fonseka’s life under threat – Karu

The Government has to take full responsibility for the life of imprisoned former Army Chief Sarath Fonseka, UNP Deputy Leader Karu Jayasuriya told reporters outside the Welikada Prison. Karu who visited Fonseka is prison made this comment outside the prison complex.

It is rumoured that three dangerous LTTE cadres have been released and they are alleged to be trained as suicide cadres, Karu claimed. He further added that they could pose a serious threat on Fonseka’s life. Karu further added that even within the prison once the lights go out Fonseka could be harmed or even his food could be poisoned.

The Government should take the full responsibility if anything happends, Karu added. When queried on what the former Army Chief was wearing, Karu stated that he was in shorts and normal prison attire.
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