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ADB grants US$ 98mn loan for Northern roads

 The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a loan amounting to US$ 98 million to rehabilitate a network of 19 roads at an extent of 200 kilometres in the once war torn region of the North.

This additional financing is for the ongoing Northern Road Connectivity Project.

The total investment cost of this project is US$ 112.8 million (approximately Rs. 14.6 billion) while US$ 98 million is provided by the Asian Development Bank. The additional financing includes a loan of US$ 30 million from the Ordinary Capital Resources and a loan equivalent to US$ 68 million from the Asian Development Fund (ADF) of the ADB. The government contribution to the investment would be US$ 14.8 million, a statement said.

The following specific interventions are expected to be carried out under the project: Rehabilitation and improvement of about 80 km of national highways in the northern and north central provinces; Rehabilitation of about 50 km and 70 km of roads in northern and north central provinces respectively and rehabilitation or replacement of selected bridges

The above road rehabilitation activities are scheduled to be completed by the end of December 2017 under the additional financing of Northern Road Connectivity Project, which is expected to be implemented with ADB loan funds. The Road Development Authority under the supervision of the Ministry of Highways and Road Development and the Northern Provincial Council through the Northern Provincial Road Development Department under the supervision of the Ministry of Local Government & Provincial Councils will be the project implementing agencies of this development project.
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